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When you’re working hard to overcome an addiction to drugs or alcohol, you need the best care possible. At Integrated Health, we operate a drug rehab center that goes above and beyond your expectations for such a facility. Our Rockford, Illinois addiction treatment center seeks to give clients the strength and fortitude they need to stay away from harmful substances and realize how much power they can find inside of themselves.


Supervised detox is one of the myriad benefits we offer at our Rockford, Illinois addiction treatment clinic. Overcoming addiction is not something that can be done alone. Through the proper supervision, we can ensure the best possible treatment for our clients. Detox is a process that takes time, but it’s absolutely worth it. There is no sense in rushing things when it comes to making our clients healthier.


You can tell a lot about how a rehab clinic treats its clients based on how it’s maintained. At Integrated Health, our facility is remarkably safe and well-kept. Furthermore, we also make sure that our staff is able to handle a variety of situations with the proper attitude and determination. We want to ensure a smoothly run operation at every turn, and we aim to live up to the high expectations our clients have for our addiction recovery program.


These expectations are realized throughout the course of our rehab process. At our Rockford, Illinois addiction recovery facility, we emphasize using a combination of methods to give clients the most fulfilling experience possible. These methods include detox to purge the remnants of addictive substances, therapy to understand how the mind is affected by addiction, and aftercare so that clients are able to stay healthy and happy after leaving Integrated Health substance abuse treatment facility.


For those clients who struggle with a co-occurring disorder we offer dual diagnosis mental health treatment. For those clients who struggle with a co-occurring mental health disorder, this can be an essential element of treatment. By providing clients with adequate treatment for both their addiction and any possible co-occurring disorder, we can provide the best possible chance they will attain their goals for recovery.


There is a very strong sense of community at our Rockford, Illinois drug rehab clinic. Clients who have come before you will be able to help you weather the challenges of addiction. One of the most important parts of succeeding at Integrated Health substance abuse treatment facility is being open. You need to be able to speak candidly about everything you’re experiencing, as painful as it might be. This is the safest environment possible for you to get better.


We understand our clients are individuals and that our treatment plans should reflect that. When someone comes to our Rockford, Illinois addiction recovery center, we aim to provide them with care meant for specifically for their circumstances. We want to give you the best possible addiction recovery care. No two bodies or minds are alike. We celebrate individuality and account for your unique circumstances when providing you with a plan for addiction recovery treatment.

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