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The professional staff and addiction specialists at Integrated Behavioral Health empathize with the struggle of addiction and do everything we can to enable our clients to overcome its hindrances on their lives. We believe in structured, strategic, and focused addiction treatment completely designed around the client’s needs and situation.

why trust in

Integrated Behavioral Health

Dual Diagnosis

We not only treat your addiction but we find any contributing factor that might be hindering you from sobriety.

Holistic Approach

We believe in a holistic approach. By freeing your mind, body and soul from addiction you become the better you.


Once you complete the program you become part of a community of like minded individuals. You will have others you can rely on in a time of need.

Professional Staff

Our professional caring staff is trained to help guide you through the most difficult part of your life.

What we offer

Holistic Care

Integrated Behavioral Health believes in holistic treatment in addition to the advanced treatment methods we provide.


Individual and group therapy are strong resources that will help get you through your addiction.

Comfortable facilities

Honesty is a building block of the community we aim to cultivate at all of our substance abuse treatment centers.

24/7 Assistance

The community bonds that are formed will likely last long into the future.

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